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Is “site:” Still a Good Productivity Action?

Several different platforms still suggest the use of “site:” to search a web site to find a particular piece of information on that site.
With most websites now having a search bar, is this still a valid work flow procedure, or is it no longer useful?
Are there other reasons to still use “site:”?


Comments: One Response to “Is “site:” Still a Good Productivity Action?”

    4 years ago

    I think so, yes. I use it often. It is easier to type and then some topic keywords than it is to go to first, wait for that load. Then use the search field on the site. The results vary too, so it is sometimes worth it to try one and then the other to find what you want.

    Another reason to use this is to then incorporate more of Google's search tools. For instance, you can narrow a search down to images, or the last year, or add negative keywords. Usually those things are not part of a regular navigation bar search on a site.

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