Forum Question: Is the Keynote Remote App Any Good?

Hi Gary, I need to do a presentation in the upcoming couple of weeks for my class. I was looking into purchasing the Keynote Remote app for my iPhone to help give the presentation. Then I saw several negative reviews from people. I was wondering what your take on the app is? Will it be worth it? I saw your video showing how to set it up even without a wifi connection which looks nice. A lot of people seemed to complain about the bluetooth feature not working and not being able to use it without a wifi connection, but your video addressed that situation. I should be able to use wifi though. Just wanted to hear your thoughts. It would be nice not to have to walk over to the computer every time to change the slide.

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    2/14/12 @ 7:46 am

    It works fine. Not sure what the negative reviews are about.
    But it is only 99 cents, so why not try it for yourself?
    Then report back here with your thoughts for others to see :)

    2/17/12 @ 3:17 pm

    It works well as long as you make sure that the firewall isn’t blocking it. My firewall was initially set to block all incoming connections so Keynote Remote wouldn’t connect to my computer, but once I disabled the block all incoming connections it worked perfectly.

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