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Is There a Copyright Issue With iMovie Sound Effects?

I have been enjoying myself creating Movie projects in iMovie and then posting them on Facebook. On my last video I added a sound track using the in-built Audio Sound Effects available in iMovie (I actually used the Acoustic Sunrise Jingle available in iMovie for Mac version 10.1.2).
However, when I posted this on Facebook, the FB elves removed the video, citing content that did not necessarily belong to me as the reason for removal. There did seem to be an appeals process, but rather than follow this I simply removed the soundtrack from the video and reposted as silent movie – the FB elves were happy with this.
I would have thought that sound effects available in iMovie are ok to use publicly, but thought I would ask if Gary or others have any definitive views on this. I am hoping that the automated FB elves just assumed a musical soundtrack could be an issue, and that they are looking to protect FB by having me declare that i have rights to use it.
Colin W

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    8 years ago

    It is completely legal to use the audio Apple provides as part of iMovie, GarageBand, Photos and in other software. Here is the link to the full legal PDF:
    Section 2C seems to cover it quite convincingly saying that you can use the music royalty-free.
    I've never run into your issue with Facebook, which is new to the video distribution thing. But I have run into it with YouTube many times. Sometimes YouTube's automatic algorithm picks up the music and just assumes it must be a copyright violation. Other times it finds the original music, which Apple has purchased, in some old collection and isn't aware that it is from Apple and properly licensed. I hear reports that sometimes people publish the Apple music as-is and claim it is their own, and then see if they can con others by scaring them that they are violating the license.
    I think if you would have gone through the appeals process and told them that the music is stock from iMovie, provided by Apple royalty-free, they would have relented. It was probably an automatic process that sent you the message anyway.

    Colin W
    8 years ago

    Gary - thanks for your clear and rapid response. I did think it would be an automated 'thing' and I will try the appeals process next time.

    8 years ago

    I had the same thing happen with Facebook. They deleted my video made with Apple audio sound effects. I then made a youtube video from the same data and had no trouble with youtube. I then posted the youtube video on facebook and had no trouble with the post. (It was the exact same video as I had originally posted, but came through youtube.......

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