Forum Question: Is There a Maximum Length for Credits In iMovie?

I have a 1 hour, very complex, movie that I am finishing up. Lots of transitions, picture in picture, audio drop ins, and layers of music and slides. At the end, I have a fairly long credit run that I want to put in over some video. The video clip can run 6-8 minutes, and I have the speed of the credits tuned to be the right speed, but after about 4 minutes, the credits just stop! I can scroll down all of them in the preview, but when I play the clip, the video continues and the credits just disappear. Any ideas?

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    2/5/12 @ 9:53 am

    I’m never tried credits that are that long. Perhaps there is a time limit, or maybe just a limit on the amount of text?
    Did you try exporting it and see if the credits continue there? Maybe it is just a limit while previewing, and exporting will work fine.
    Otherwise, it should be easy to split the credits up. Just have them scroll to an an half-way and then start a new scroll. Annoying that there has to be a break, but if that is your only option…

      2/5/12 @ 12:51 pm

      OK thanks… I was trying to avoid splitting it up, but maybe that’s the best option after all. Might try to do a single project just with credits and export to see if there is a limit. Need to find the time to do that though :-)

    4/18/12 @ 8:48 am

    I recently had the same challenge when I needed to scroll a long list of charter members on our church screen. Best I can tell, there is a 148-line limit for scrolling credits. I ended up having to split the list and merge the two movies, but this caused a 10 second gap in the listing. This is caused by the fixed write-out segment on the the first one and the fixed write-in segment on the second. No matter what did, I could not narrow the gap.

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