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Is There a Shortcut Key Combination To Use Subscript or Superscript In Any App?

Have a keyboard shortcut for subscript and superscript which will work in any text-based app, including Microsoft Word, Open Office etc.
Mainly to write chemical symbols – carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, isotopes of elements, some maths and statistics calculations…
With toggle action of further shortcut for return to normal script

Otherwise, you have to go through a long rigmarole, e.g with MS Word it takes 8 mouse movements. If you are writing an article about climate change it is very time consuming.It needs to be for any app, because the article might be written in a word-processor, with notes taken from Notes.
Dick Symonds

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    3 years ago

    Just creating a standard keyboard shortcut in System Preferences, Keyboard, Shortcuts should be all you need. That is as long as the app's menu item is called exactly "Superscript" or "Subscript." If an app uses a different name for the menu item, then it would have to have its own shortcut set for exactly that item name.


    Now Word may be an app that works differently. Microsoft Word has its own system for keyboard shortcuts. So if the system shortcut doesn't work, then set the same key combination for the Superscript or Subscript choice in Word using Word's own special interface for that.

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