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Is There a Way Of Converting a Page On the iPhone/iPad Into a PDF?

Often I browse the web on my iPhone or on my iPad. When I come across something of interest I quite often want to save it as a PDF. Doing this on a Mac is easy you just hit print and select print to PDF but how can it be done on a iPhone or iPad?

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    10 years ago

    There's no way to do this with the Safari browser. I didn't check alternative browsers, but I doubt the function is there either.
    So maybe take a step back and consider your goal. Is it simply to save the page for later offline reading? If so, then the Reading List feature does this very well.
    Third-party apps can also help. I noticed GoodReader can save a web page. It doesn't do it as a PDF, but it is saved for later reading.
    And you could always use the Reading List (or bookmarks) with the new iCloud functionality to store pages and then later access them across your devices -- something which is a bonus over saving it in one place as a PDF. And then if you really want a PDF you can print it as such from your Mac at a later time.

    Michael A.
    10 years ago

    The AtomicWeb browser for iOS can save a web archive for later reading. No idea if/how to export this to other apps.

    Michael A.
    10 years ago

    The program FingerPrint (for Mac) can set up virtual printers that save printed documents to Dropbox, Evernote or an ordinary folder on your Mac. The support page doesn't ever mention what format it saves as, but it may be PDF.

    Terry Gibson
    10 years ago

    I find Instapaper to be an excellent vehicle for saving webpages for subsequent reading.

    Bruce Collins
    10 years ago

    In Australia, there is an app called (would you believe?) WebToPdf. It has an inbuilt browser, but by changing the 'http' of a link in safari or atomic will start up the app to that link then it is simply a button to create a PDF that is accessible through iTunes.

    Brian Mason
    10 years ago

    I use an app called "PDF Converter" for the iPad. You just add PDF for the beginning of the url of the page you want to convert and the program will launch.
    For example, becomes pdf
    When PDF Converter launches you will see the page you where viewing.
    At this point, all you have to do is tap the convert button in the upper right of the app and it will convert the page into a PDF that can be marked or edited in other PDF apps such as goodreader or iBooks. By the way, I'm loving my iPad mini.

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