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Is There a Way To Automatically Add Rows To a Table In Numbers?

lets say table 1 I use to collect data. Columns are: (header columns = *)
*A Full date
*B total revenue
C Date
D Employee
E sales
F tips

I use numbers on the iPhone and use forms to input data.

A & B (header columns) use formulas:
A = column C, formatted differently.
B = sum of columns E & F.

C to F – entered into forms manually:
C – type date
D – pull down list of 3 names (joe, bob,Sam)
E – dollars
F – dollars

I have categories set up to see the table like this:
1st cat- date sorted by week
2nd cat- employee sorted by day

I need a way to see the total revenue per day without Changing categories.

to solve this I have table2 which has column A = column A from table1 (the date). i have sumif statements in columns B and C to get totals for sales and tips for each day. This works great if I remember to manually add rows, the data autofills as expected

However I don’t want to do that. How can i get the rows to auto generate after I add data to table1?

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    3 years ago

    Numbers cannot create rows by itself. You have to add them. But you can do it in advance if you like. Just add those rows and then they will fill in with the correct data as you go along. So you can add the next 10 weeks, for instance, and then do that again every 10 weeks. Or go ahead and add 50 or 100 weeks in advance. And with the autofill function, you shouldn't even have to type the dates manually.

    It is pretty quick and easy to add rows. You could just add them one at a time if you really wanted. Lots of people do this all the time with their spreadsheets in Numbers and Excel.

    3 years ago

    Problem is my entire spreadsheet is designed to have its data input by forms.

    I did figure out a work around. I made a form for table2, and added a column for “date” as the first body column. I just enter the date that I am inputting data for in table1, and as soon as I type the date in, everything else auto populates In the form. In fact it doesn’t even allow me to change anything else because they are all calculated with formulas.

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