Forum Question: Is There a Way To Draw or Hand Write On Moving Video In Any Mac Software?

I have seen video on YouTube where it appears the person drawing over or writing on the video clip in real time. It would be like using a stylus and tablet but using them to write on top of a video. Example: I show a clip of a walk through of my house but draw arrows pointing to features and writing out words on the video as I do a video tour of my house?
Bill Gremm

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    8/3/12 @ 10:47 pm

    I don’t know, off hand. A search in the Mac App Store didn’t turn up anything. It seems there are a few apps for the iPad that are for sports coaches that do something like tis, though.
    With Final Cut Pro you can add shapes, lines, arrows, text, etc. You can draw shapes in other image editing software and drag and drop them in. But you can’t really draw “on” the video while it is playing.
    Have you thought about asking the creators of the videos you like? The great thing about YouTube is you can usually send a message to the video creator and ask questions. It may turn out that they are not using a Mac, or that they are using something expensive or not creating the video like you think they are.
    For instance, if I really had to, I could bring a video into animation software like Flash and then use Flash’s drawing tools over that. But it takes a lot of expertise in the tool to be able to do that.
    You could do it by playing the video on your desktop, then recording it using screen capture software. And in the meantime, use some tool to draw over it. Search for “mac draw over desktop” for some things like that. It should work, and if you have good quality video to start with, it would help. But that’s sort of a hack.
    Maybe someone else will have a suggestion. But in the meantime I would try to ask some of those YouTube creators.

      Bill Gremm
      8/4/12 @ 12:16 pm

      Thank you – I will do as you have suggested. I appreciate your tutorials on youtube. I am new to the mac world and for the last 8 months turned to your videos to help get me up to speed with my macbook pro 13″.
      I have found something called Doodlecast Pro it is an iPad app ( I don’t have an iPad) it makes a video with real time writing, but does not overlay or write over. I have thought about using it (got to get an Ipad I guess) as a pic in pic with iMovie.
      One more thing why don’t more companies that make apps like doodle cast, offer them for the mac’s too. I don’t understand how these great apps I have for my iphone and are available for iPad cannot be made for the macs.
      thanks for all you do – you are the best on youtube and I have seen many tutorials by others. None of the others are as detailed and qualified in their presentations.

        8/4/12 @ 1:43 pm

        For one thing, the iOS app market is larger than the Mac app market. So an app may get just enough sales on the iPad to make it worthwhile to build, but not enough on the Mac to make it worthwhile.
        Another factor might be that the Mac app store is still pretty new as compared to the iOS app store. So today that developer may have considered doing a Mac app, put perhaps they built it or planned to build it back before then.

    Bill Gremm
    8/10/12 @ 10:44 pm

    I was wondering – do you think that if a chroma green color was chosen as the background or a green photo was used that doodlecast pro video could mimic a telestratoon or telestrator if that drawing on a green background was brought into iMovie and dropped On top of a video?

      8/11/12 @ 7:27 am

      Yes, that should work. But why wonder? Just try it. Usually the first step is to try a simple example. That will reveal how well and idea like this works. I suspect the big problem will be in syncing it up since you’ll be recording parts at different times, and iMovie isn’t great at syncing — you have to do it manually and hope it is close enough.

        Bill Gremm
        8/11/12 @ 8:30 am

        I will have to get a iPad to do this, and I only wonder because this particular action is the only thing that I would need an iPad for at present. So if it doesn’t work I will come up with other things to do with it.


          8/11/12 @ 9:01 am

          So you haven’t found any Mac app that does this? It seems that at the very least, an animation tool like Flash or Toon Boom would do it. They do so much more than that — this would just be one little thing.
          Or maybe some app that lets you draw over the desktop so you can record that plus the video under it. I’m sure it can be done on the Mac.

    Bill Gremm
    8/12/12 @ 1:46 pm

    Thank you Gary – I am investigating

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