Forum Question: Is There a Way To Move the Date In Photos Memories?

In the Photo Memories, (where They Pick Photos To Do a Slide Show), Is There a Way To Move the Date To a Different Location On or Off the Pictures?
I have a new 7+ and one of the features is that it selects a group of pictures and creates a slide show in my widgets. They put the date across each picture, and I can’t see the pictures clearly. Can I move that date feature to the top or bottom, or delete it all together? Also, is there a way to select which pictures I want included in a slide show?
Barbara Reilly

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    10/16/16 @ 7:05 am

    I don’t think that is meant to be anything other than a title banner for that memory. Instead of trying to “look” at the pictures there, just double-click on any image below it and you can view them one-by-one, full screen. There is no date or title over the images when you do this.

    Barbara Reilly
    10/16/16 @ 12:54 pm

    Gary, Thanks for answering so quickly! I will do as you say and enjoy it that way. I really appreciate all of your tips and expertise in all tech matters! Thank you for being there to help!

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