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Is There a Word Limit In the Ticker Title Option In iMovie?

I’m using iMovie ’11 (ver 9.0.9). I want to use the Tickertape title to have the words of a song run along the bottom of the screen as the song plays. Problem is that I lose about a dozen words at the end – I’ve tried copying the words and typing them, neither works. I don’t seem to be able to edit the text as in other types of titles otherwise I would have tried a smaller font. All the words show in the text box in the title pane but on screen the song is truncated and ends with three dots.
I have tried splitting the words into two sections but there is a large gap between the two sections on screen and then the words don’t match the song.
Is there character limit? Help please.

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    4 years ago

    I don’t know if there is a character limit. No way for me to test since I’ve long ago moved on to iMovie 10 (Why haven’t you?)
    Have you tried inserting spaces at the end of the text to see if it is just cutting off before the end?
    Otherwise, try it in iMovie 10. If it still doesn’t work, then you’ll either have to use a different title for the lyrics. The ticker is not really an idea way to display song lyrics. I’d imagine you need to really work at it to get the timing right. But a standard bottom third-type title will allow you to place the lines of text at more exact times.

    Yvonne Strugnell
    4 years ago

    Like a lot of others I don’t like iMovie 10 so as long as I can I’m sticking with ver 9. I’ve played about with it today, done a lot of counting, and there is a character limit of 1,000 – took me a while to suss it out, over 1,000 characters are truncated to 997 and three dots are added to the end.
    Now I’ve sorted that out it works well and timing wasn’t a problem in this case.

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