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Is There an Advantage To Using an AirPort Express or AirPort Extreme

Presently I have an iMac and a MacBook Pro. I have DSL service, and my DSL modem is directly connected to the iMac’s Ethernet port. I then set my iMac Preferences for Internet Sharing – sharing my connection from Ethernet to my MacBook Pro using WiFi.
My question is: would there be any advantage to get an AirPort Express (or AirPort Extreme) and connect my modem directly to that AirPort device and use it to broadcast my internet connection?
Richard Fuhr

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    12 years ago

    Using a setup like what you have isn't meant to be a permanent day-to-day thing. You don't have nearly the range or options of using a dedicated wifi router. Plus you need to keep the iMac on and awake 100% of the time.
    Getting a stand-alone router frees up your iMac to not have to do double-duty. And there are a ton of features in something like an AirPort extreme -- look it up on the Apple site and see what it can do.

    Allan Michael
    12 years ago

    any advantage one over the other???I always wanted to know in terms of speed....thx

      12 years ago

      I've never done a comparison. I'd imagine that if there is a difference that using a stand-alone router is faster. Maybe the difference could be even greater when it comes to handling multiple devices at one time.

    12 years ago

    Hi Gary, on this topic - I don't use an iMac, just a couple of macbooks and my iphone and ipad. My wi-fi router is Beetel, given by the ISP service when they installed broadband. Will taking the Express improve the range of the signal in the house? And what is the difference between my 2 macbooks, iphone and ipad simply accessing the wi-fi signal from my present router and using Express? Does it dedicate bandwidth to different devices?

      12 years ago

      If you already have a (non-Apple) wi-fi router, an Express won't help you. Chances are that the one you have is better than the little portable Express. Upgrading to an Airport Extreme might be a good option as the Extreme is a very powerful wi-fi router and may be better than the one given to you (range, power, quality, features, etc).

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