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Is There an Apple Product That Is Comparable To the ATT Microcell Tower?

Would actually like to find something better than the AT&T Microcell Tower. iPhone reception is one bar or less at my house, and the ATT product was working fine, until we had several lightning storms. Now it goes off line, loses connection, and will not re-set.
Carol A Fletcher

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    3 years ago

    No, Apple wouldn’t have anything like that as it would need to come from a mobile phone provider, which Apple is not.

    But what are you trying to accomplish? Better iPhone reception — like voice calling reception? If not, then why do you need better reception at all? Just use your own Wi-Fi, right?

    But if you do need better voice reception, then some phone providers have programs that let you make calls over Wi-Fi instead of using their mobile towers. AT&T has it here. So with your own Wi-Fi connection (DSL or cable modem) you can do everything on your iPhone without needing any mobile towers near you.

    Carol A Fletcher
    3 years ago

    My 5C iPhone is not listed – but I unplugged everything including my modem, and have regained connection this morning. Thank you for such a quick response to my ??. And thanks for the great newsletter and tutorials. Guess it is time for a new iPhone!

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