Forum Question: Is There an iPhone App To Block Text Messages From Those Not In Contacts?

Does anyone know of an iPhone App that would enable the user to only receive text messages from senders whose phone numbers are in the user’s Contacts?
I have done a search in the App Store but haven’t found any such app so far, but with so many apps out there, perhaps I have missed it.
I don’t use text messaging very often, and therefore am on a plan where I pay 20 cents per text message (sent or received) and of course find it very offensive to not only receive unwanted spam texts but also have to pay for the dubious privilege of receiving them.
I have implemented as many blocking controls as I can think of (through Verizon) but an iPhone app, such as I have described, would be very useful.
Richard Fuhr

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    1/28/12 @ 1:39 pm

    No, there isn’t one and I don’t think you’ll ever find one.
    The problem is that an app can’t reach outside of its jurisdiction and affect the functionality of other apps, or core phone functionality. So an app can’t tell the default Messages app what to do. It can’t tell the phone app what to do either.
    The ability to receive text messages lies mostly with your carrier. The Messages app is just the receiving app.
    So perhaps your carrier has a system where you can define who can and can not send you text messages? Check with them. Of course I know that the carriers here in the U.S. do not have such a thing. I can’t understand why they don’t add such functionality — I know they make a lot of money from text messages, but making money from unwanted text messages seems very wrong.
    Now if your problem is spam text messages, there is a way to deal with them. For instance, using AT&T you can forward the spam to 7726. Then you get a message back from AT&T asking you for the sender’s number. I’ve used it many times. Not only does it help them block spammers, but I think it gets you your 20 cents back.

      1/31/13 @ 11:48 am

      ACtually Sprint has a method to block unwanted texts and voice calls. It will also block you from being able to send that same number. Just call customer care or technical support.

    Richard Fuhr
    1/28/12 @ 1:59 pm

    Gary, I totally agree with what you wrote: “…making money from unwanted text messages seems very wrong…”

    The AT&T feature that you mentioned, forwarding spam to 7726, sounds like a step in the right direction. I don’t believe Verizon has a corresponding feature, and I have spoken with Verizon representatives several times about this text spam nuisance. I was told by Verizon that they do have a feature where we can specify a list of which numbers can send text messages (up to a limit of a certain number of senders), but this is a premium feature that the user must pay for.

    I encourage other Verizon customers who are also concerned about spam text messages to contact customer support and let them know. I believe that Verizon could do more than they are now doing.

    Kim Davenport
    3/23/12 @ 6:43 pm

    I don’t know if this will reach you since it’s been a couple of months… but how do I forward unwanted text to AT&T??

    I see you say to forward spam to 7726 but how do you “forward” and unwanted text to them? All I know how to do is respond to the text with picture or writing (typing) words….


      3/23/12 @ 7:08 pm

      View the “conversation” (probably just that one message when it comes to spam). Then tap Edit at the top. Select that message. Press Forward at the bottom.

    5/27/12 @ 5:14 pm

    i dont think there is one. i have the same problem and still dont know what to do.
    i suggest if your iphone is jailbroke. and have cydia you can go to the app on there called iblacklist

      5/31/12 @ 10:01 am

      seriously thats racist ty ..

    5/28/12 @ 9:20 pm

    So there is no way to block text messages on the Iphone 4S unless its jailbroke?? And if I jail Break my phone doesnt that void all manufacture warranty on the phone. I have only had it maybe a month. Im just trying ot block one number…

    5/31/12 @ 10:00 am

    oh for godness sake im getting fed up with this TBH . im getting all these messages i just want to block it lol . oh well there might be a other one .

    9/28/12 @ 10:23 am

    Hey guys! So apparently all you have to do is click “edit” then choose any message within the text of the person you want to stop texting you and then click “forward” and send it to 7726 and follow the directions.. Hope this helps! :)

      9/28/12 @ 10:41 am

      7726 is the “spam” reporting function that some (but not all) wireless carriers have set up. Note that this reports the number as spam — meaning unsolicited commercial email. So you shouldn’t use this to try to block messages from real people. First, it probably won’t work to block the number for you in the future. Second, it potentially puts the number on a list of spam numbers for them to investigate. If it is NOT spam, and just someone you want to avoid, DON’T use this. It could get you into trouble in a number of ways.

    aaron gray
    10/2/12 @ 5:09 pm

    The only reason you do not have the option to download an app to do what you want is because of apple and its desire to control… buy an android and you will have a few apps to do what you are looking for…. or jailbreak your iPhone…. sorry but apple sucks

      10/2/12 @ 6:05 pm

      I don’t really think Apple (or Google) cares about controlling your text messages. Apple just decided that third-party apps shouldn’t have the right to leap over into your Messages or Phone app and make changes or intercept data. It is a security thing. Think of what an enterprising app developer could hide in their app if Apple allowed this.

        David Ferris
        2/13/13 @ 3:37 am

        @Gary Rosenzweig: Just think what would happen to that developer once regulators and attorneys found out what he was doing;-)

        Not permitting apps to control text messages is Apple arrogance, nothing more.

        To see what a good text blocking app can do, check handcentdotcom. (I have *no connection* to that company.

        John Szurek
        2/20/13 @ 2:06 pm

        I’m sorry, I don’t want to “leap over” anything. What I want is an open messaging platform with ability to replace the Apple app with a better one.

    1/27/13 @ 6:06 pm

    I have an iPhone and use Verizon Wireless. I was happy to find they offer a free service to their customers. You can block people from calling or texting you.

    John Riggs
    2/1/13 @ 6:21 am

    This is one of the two features that I miss from my BlackBerry 9300, which had a toggle firewall switch that could filter out any type of incoming message or call that was not in your contacts. I wish the iPhone had this capability.

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