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Is There Any Advantage To Removing Apps From Multitasking Bar?

Is there any significant performance advantage to removing apps from the multitasking bar on an iPhone? Are they taking up CPU or battery resources?
Over time, as you use more apps, the number of them appearing on the multitasking bar will grow. It is easy to forget that they are there.
You can remove a selected app from the multitasking bar (not from the iPhone of course) by pressing and holding that app until a red x appears, then touching the x.
Richard Fuhr

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    10 years ago

    They aren’t really taking up any processing power or battery. Some of them have “saved states” that may be taking up a tiny bit of memory, but not enough to make a difference. In fact, some of them aren’t even “multitasking” — the list is really the “recents” list, not the multitasking one.

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