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Is This Good Way To Identify Non-SPAM?

I have been putting a prefix in my subject line “K9ORP says – ” to distinguish a real email from me rather than spam. Spam may “scrape my email” but I believe they can’t copy my subject line’s unique phrase. I have told my friends to “Feel free to trash any message from “me” that doesn’t have that prefix.” I am an Amateur Radio operator and this is my radio “call letters”. Do I have a good algorithm to clearly identify my email as non-SPAM?
Larry M Keeran

Comments: 2 Responses to “Is This Good Way To Identify Non-SPAM?”

    4 years ago

    It will only work so long as your friends set up a rule to look for your email address as the sender and then check the subject line for that text. That’s very hard for most normal computer users to do.
    So you are concerned that spammers will use your email address as the “from” on their email? That’s possible, and it happens, but how often? Certainly not often enough to ask all of your friends to set up a special email rule in their respective email clients. It really isn’t a concern.
    Spam is really only a problem because of the volume of it. If we got 3 pieces of junk email a day, no one would complain too much. But when we get 100, then it is a problem, right? The way to deal with it is through good server filters. But devoting time to a process that would only stop a few spam messages out of millions probably isn’t worth it.

    Larry M Keeran
    4 years ago

    Thank you. That is a relief from my worry about my friends compromised old computer address book. I do use the text replacement shortcuts that you have suggested in your tips to do my consistant prefix.

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