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Isn’t “rejected” Video Supposed To Disappear In iMovie When I Select and Delete It?

I’m uploading video from DVD’S to my Mac Snow Leopard 10.6.8, iMovie 11 and am able to get it there fine. Trouble is, I had many “starts and stops” and I need to get the “rejected” footage out of my project after I’ve selected the footage I want to use and have moved it. I’m left with all this footage with a red (??) line thru the top of it to clutter my project (and my mind!) and need to remove it. If this has been answered before, please direct me. I’ve searched and cannot seem to find it tho I believe I saw the question some time ago. New user here for sure.
Sam Sayger

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    12 years ago

    iMovie has a similar system to the Finder -- it uses the idea of a "trash can" to delete things. So to delete media from an event in iMovie, you would first reject it. Then you see the red line over it. Then you can choose File. Move Rejected Clips To the Trash when you are ready to get rid of those clips forever.
    This actually puts these clips in the Finder's trash. The same place that files go when you move them to the trash. So they aren't really deleted until you Empty the Trash in the Finder. But they are gone from iMovie.
    One cool thing is that you don't have to reject complete clips. You can select a section of a clip in the event and reject only a section. So if you have a 2 minute clip, and only use the first 10 seconds, you can reject the rest and clear up 1:50 of space.
    Also, check into the File, Space Saver function of iMovie 11.

    Sam Sayger
    12 years ago

    Thanks tons for the reply!

    Serge Fritsch
    12 years ago

    HI Gary

    I am working with imovie9 and I want to delete imported videos from iphoto9. I have done it like the description in the help panel but.... the entry 'move the rejected clips to the trash' in file is greyed so that I cannot move it to the trash. Do you have a solution?
    BTW: other clips imported from my camera works best.

    thanks for help

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