Forum Question: itunes 10.4 syncing books will delete iPhone 4 content

I plugged my iphone 4 to my MB 13″ and itunes 10.4 opens. I want to add some pdfs to my iphone by opening the ‘Books’ tab in the Devices menu; when I check the Sync button, a warning window immediately pops up saying that if I sync, all my videos, music and content will be removed from my iPhone. So I cancel. But what’s happening? I can’t seem to add books that I’d previosuly downloaded to my iPhone and backed up on my itunes library.

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    9/2/11 @ 6:54 am

    So it sounds like you have never synced your iPhone to your Mac before? Is that right?
    Do you have any music on your iPhone at all? If so, how did it get there? From a previous computer? Direct purchase from the iTunes store?
    You should gather all of your music on your Mac and get it into iTunes. If you purchased it, then re-download it on your Mac.
    Then do the sync and it will replace the unsynced music with the synced and you will be OK.
    You can try setting your iPhone to “Manually manage music and videos” on the first panel of the iPhone’s settings in iTunes. But I’m not sure what effect that hs until your sync the first time. Hard to test that.

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