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iTunes 10 Airplay + Airport Express

Hi Gary,

I’m watching the MacBreak Weekly video podcast on my MacBook Pro in iTunes 10. I’ve configured iTunes 10 to use the speakers that are connected to my Airport Express; however, there’s no sound coming from the speakers. What could I do to fix this?

Could it be that AirPlay cannot stream the audio of a video?

Thanks in advance,


— Tommy

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    10 years ago

    I haven’t been able to test this (don’t use Airport Express). But my feeling is that AirPlay streams the media itself (video, including audio in this case) and not just a portion of the stream (only the audio from the video). Since Airport Express is an audio streaming device, it can only stream audio.
    I’d imagine it would be hard to keep video and audio in sync if the video is playing directly on your Mac’s screen, and the audio is passing out of it via wifi, then into the Airport Express and then out its speakers.

    Justin Bagley
    10 years ago

    Here’s the website for a free third-party application that will allow you to play videos + audio over speakers connected to an Airport Express. Hope it helps!

    Samuel Lindblom
    10 years ago

    Sure, Airfoil is great. But not for video, since there is a two second audio delay.

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