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I have many books and every chapter shows up much like a song in an album.
I don’t need to see the chapters most of the time, just the name of the book.
Is there a way to hide all the chapters for a book in iTunes until I want to see them?
Jim Moore

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    11/22/10 @ 9:40 pm

    How did you get this audio book? If you download from a source in audio book format, like Audible, it comes as one entry under audiobooks in iTunes.
    But, if you took the audiobook from a CD and ripped it, then it treats it like a music album with tracks — even if you declare the genre to be an audiobook.
    There’s no way to change that, at least no easily. If you have a lot of tim on your hands you could use GarageBand or Audible to import all the segments into a single file and export that file. But I don’t see that being worth it.

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