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iTunes Continues To Show App Update Available Even After Update Downloaded

In iTunes (version 10) we can keep our iPhone apps up to date by seeing whether there are any updates available via checking whether there is a badge with a number in it next to the Apps entry in the LIBRARY section.
When I see that there are updates available, I download them and then synch the iPhone. However, sometimes, iTunes continues to show that updates are available even after going through the download and installation process (with no error or warning messages).
Is this a known bug in iTunes, or is there something else going on?
I realize that we can update the Apps on our iPhones without connecting the phone to the computer, and without going through iTunes, but I still do like that ‘old fashioned’ approach some times. In this particular case, I was updating the Meebo Instant Messenger, and the badge showing 1 update available did not go away right away.
However, after I applied the update several times, the badge did finally go away.
Has anyone else noticed this, and if so, what is your take on this issue?
Richard Fuhr

Comments: 3 Responses to “iTunes Continues To Show App Update Available Even After Update Downloaded”

    11 years ago

    I haven't observed that. But perhaps it just waits until the next time it checks. But it doesn't seem that it would cause much of a problem. It is just a visual cue.

    Allan Michael
    11 years ago

    I see it all the time on my MBA but not my iMac...hmmm. ...strange, no?

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