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iTunes Deauthorization

I have (according to iTunes) 4 computers that I have authorized to play my purchases. I only have 3 computers, yet I am sure I authorized an old Mac Mini at my old job. Is there anyway to deauthorize all of the computers and start fresh?

— Jason

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    15 years ago

    You can deauthorize a computer using the menu item in iTunes. But only if you have access to that computer. However, if you get to the maximum 5 authorizations, you get a "Deauthorize All" button in iTunes (see In your situation, you can simply not worry about it knowing that if you do get another computer you can always use that button. But if you really want to do it now, I guess your only option is to call Apple.

      15 years ago

      Thanks Gary for the print and podcast response. I wasn't sure if it was going to be a problem. But, since Santa may be bringing my wife a MacBook Pro, I can use the deauthorize all then and start from scratch!!

      Thanks again!

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