Forum Question: iTunes is running VERY slow & skipping during songs

I have the most recent update of iTunes.
ALL of my iTunes files are on my external harddrive.
When I open iTunes it takes it forever to load. When it finally decides it has finished loading, it will play music -but it sounds like someone is hitting the pause button every 3-5 seconds. I can’t upload new music to it because it just won’t… It takes forever or just stops halfway through.. I can’t sync my iPod because it goes through the entire process and decides it couldn’t “Find” the device.
Overall, it is skipping/pausing during music, and worst of all it takes forever to do anything.
I am still debating whether it is an external harddrive communication error (I have a 1Tb MyBook) or if it is iTunes. Currently my ext. HDD is functioning smoothly, but my iTunes has yet to recover.
I am also debating whether to delete and reinstall iTunes, but I do not wish to lose my 12,000+ library. Does anyone know a method to save this or a solution to solve this issue? thank you!
Brandon Fossett

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    7/27/11 @ 10:47 pm

    It sounds like a problem with the external drive. Is it USB? That is much slower than an internal drive. But it should be fast enough for music playback. Still something to consider.
    You can re-install iTunes, it doesn’t affect your library at all.
    You can also try rebuilding your iTunes library. Actually, you can just create a second one (hold down Option when starting iTunes) and then drag some of the music from your other library to test.
    So is your library on the external drive, or just your music files? The way I would do it is to have the library in the usual location on your internal drive in the Music folder. But set it to NOT move your files as you add them to your library. So then store your music on the external drive and drag-and-drop them into iTunes.
    See episode 372:

      7/27/11 @ 11:24 pm

      it’s not USB, its the 800 Cable (I think that’s what it’s called).

      My iTunes library is on my external, so whenever I add something to it, the file goes directly to my external. My iTunes itself is on my internal.

      Lastly, can you give me directions as to not have my iTunes library get wiped if I delete/re-install iTunes?

        7/28/11 @ 8:13 am

        Is it a Firewire 800 drive? That should be fine for what you are trying to do.
        So your files are on the external, and your iTunes is on the internal. OK. But how about your iTunes Library?
        There are three parts here: the iTunes app, the iTunes Library, and the media files. Sounds like both your iTunes Library and media files are in the same place, on your external drive.
        That’s not how I would do it, but it should cause this problem doing it your way.
        I’d have someone take a look. Something is wrong. Either your drive is not working properly, or something else. But it needs to be examined first-hand by an expert.

    Lamar Renford
    4/23/12 @ 11:31 am

    I am having the same problem which did not start until after I upgraded my OS to Lion and iTunes to 10. What gives? I have to get this resolved as I program Play Lists for two radio shows from my iTunes.

      4/23/12 @ 11:40 am

      If the problem happened after upgrading to Lion, I would try using Disk Utility and doing a “repair disk” to see if that helps.

        Lamar Renford
        4/23/12 @ 10:39 pm

        I did that prior to posting my comment. I am also using Sonos to play music from an external hard drive which houses my iTunes library. It does not skip. Has iTunes had anything to say about this problem?

          4/24/12 @ 6:39 am

          My only suggestion then is to have an expert take a first-hand look at your system.

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