Forum Question: iTunes is wasting my disk space

i have an iTunes Library of ofer 750gig and perioidicly i back it up to disc using the iTunes function. I usually use dvd r dl 8.5gb to do this but i got curious looking at my two boxes of over 100 discs and to my disgust the last 20 or so discs only had about 50mb each on them. I’m kind of pissed at the time its taken more so than the discs…what do I do at this point? keep on backing up inefficiently? I don’t want to start it over.

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    4/20/11 @ 6:16 pm

    I would just buy a 2TB external drive (or an internal one plus a USB dock for it) and back up to that. It will go much faster. And you can simply update it when you add new music. Using Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper would be perfect for this.

    4/20/11 @ 7:06 pm

    i did do that but I feel that disk will be less susceptible to damage/failure over the long run, maybe 40 years or so.

      4/20/11 @ 7:17 pm

      I would think the opposite. I give DVDs only about 10 years life. Some of my original CDs that I burned in the mid 90s are dead. A few show visible cracks in the interior media.
      The idea with a 2TB drive would be to keep it up-to-date. 10 years from now you would probably switch to something else. Maybe 100TB Thunderbolt Flash drives will be $50. Who knows.
      But at least with a 2TB drive, you don’t have to keep segmenting and re-creating DVDs.

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