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iTunes keeps asking for firewall permission….

iTunes keeps asking for firewall permission….to accept incoming connections and dammit it don’t ever remember. I selected it in the firewall settings but nothing seems to stick. I think its done it for 6 months now, even after numerous updates. any ideas that dont involve code? and that Ping thing is annoying, i’ll never use it. Its just not worth the trouble, but its always there…can i make it disappear like an info field?

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    10 years ago

    I know that problem. I have it on one of my Macs. I looked into it and it doesn’t seem to have a fix. But thankfully it only happens when I first launch iTunes. So it isn’t enough of an annoyance to do the recommended fix: OS X re-install.
    Now, to get rid of Ping, you need to turn it off. They hide that really well. Log on to your iTunes account by pressing your account ID at the top right of the iTunes main window. You select your ID and there is a pull-down menu that starts with “Account” — use that and look through the account information page. You’ll find a “Ping: On” area. Press the button there to turn it off.

      10 years ago

      So, to follow up on the permissions problem. I decided to find the easiest solution to the problem. There are a lot of solutions that involve multiple steps and don’t seem to have 100% success. Here’s the best way, I think:
      Go to your Applications folder and move iTunes to the trash.
      Go to and download the iTunes installer and run it.
      That’s it. Pretty painless. No more annoying alert.

    10 years ago

    thanks garry I’ll try it. Will I lose my “backup to disc” history? Will it make me backup all 8,000 songs again?

      10 years ago

      It shouldn’t do anything like that. It shouldn’t affect any backup for any reason I can think of — two unrelated things.

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