Forum Question: iTunes: Some songs didn’t import to the correct album

I dragged my old iTunes Music folder from a PC external HD to my new Mac iTunes icon on the dock and it copied my music over to the Mac, but some of the songs didn’t stay with the correct album. For example, Justin Timberlake’s Future Sex album got separated into multiple albums, probably because in some of the songs it’s credited with Justin and other artist and that made iTunes create another album. How do I consolidate the this? Track numbers won’t conflict since in one album with 3 songs the tracks are 2, 5, 8 . . .

— JC

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    12/23/09 @ 11:39 am

    This can happen if the info in the mp3 files isn’t correct. The way to fix it is to select the songs in iTunes and edit the information yourself. You can change the album, artist, etc. You can even change the track numbers if you need.
    Just select the song and press Command+I. Then go to the Info tab in that window.
    You can even change info for multiple items. So select all the songs from that album at once, use Command+I and then Info. Then change only the Album and Artist. This will apply the change to all the songs selected, but leave other fields like song name and track number unaffected.

    12/23/09 @ 7:00 pm

    Would utilizing the Get CD Track Names feature in the Advance tab in iTunes pull over the correct information other than just track titles? I mean, would this help solve the problem all round by populating all the fields correctly.

      12/23/09 @ 9:08 pm

      That only works if you have a CD inserted that you are about to import into iTunes. It won’t work with files that are already in iTunes.

        12/24/09 @ 4:45 pm

        Actually, it will work to get cd info even if there is no CD in the drive, as long as it was originally imported with iTunes. For example, if I imported a CD w/out internet connection to fill in the names, then days later, I could go back, select the songs, and update the info by clicking “Get CD Info” even if there is no CD in the drive.

          12/24/09 @ 10:55 pm

          Interesting! I’ve never tried that.

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