Forum Question: iTunes store doesn’t ask me if i am sure buying an item

Hello Gary.
by mistake i have checked the check box when itunes ask you if you r sure that i wanna buy a certain item.
and now every time i press on the buy button the download starts without asking me if i am sure.
can you tell me please how i can return that feature please.

Merry Christmas

— hasan

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    12/25/09 @ 11:41 am

    In iTunes 9, pressing “buy” will buy the item. If you want a “shopping cart” experience, then choose to add to your wish list instead. You can then go to the wish list and complete the purchase from there.
    But as far as asking for a password is concerned, just sign out of iTunes by clicking on your iTunes ID at the top right. This means you can’t purchase anything again until you sign back in.

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