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iTunes Syncing Music Libraries Between 2 iMacs

I have 2 Mac’s, both on the same WiFi network in my home. One is mine and the other is my wife’s. The CD reader is out on her Mac and I’ve just had no compelling reason to have it repaired.

In the past, I have been able to burn a Music CD to my iTunes library and it would sync to her iTunes library. The other day I uploaded a music CD to my Mac iTunes library and it would not sync over to her library. I do not remember changing any settings in either Mac. Both are on Home Sharing. The only thing that has changed has been software updates.

Do you have any ideas as to why iTunes is no longer syncing between my 2 Mac’s?

Thanks for any help.


Adrian Lee

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    3 years ago

    There has never been a way to sync iTunes Libraries like that. Well, maybe with some third-party tool or some such, but none that I have ever used. However, with iTunes Home Sharing you she can see your iTunes library. That should be the same now. But she’d have to be looking in your iTunes library, not her own. I haven’t used Home Sharing in a long time, but I think your library would appear on the left sidebar of her iTunes if it is on and working. Then she can look through your library. She should also be able to drag and drop items from your library to hers, at least that is how it worked in the past.
    If your Mac and hers are using different versions of macOS, then you are using different versions of iTunes, so that may account for why iTunes Home Sharing isn’t working right now.

    Douglas Brace
    3 years ago

    I’m not sure how you have it setup but it is possible to sync an iTunes library if the library is saved somewhere that multiple computers have access to, such as a network file share on a NAS.

    3 years ago

    Douglas: It is easier to simply store all of your music files in such a place, and then have separate music libraries that access the files outside of the library itself. If you try to actually share a music library in a remote location it could really screw up things as you have two Apple IDs accessing the same library and trying to manage it.
    Still, with music from ripped CDs, downloads, iTunes purchases, Apple Music, iTunes Match and other sources, it can get very complex very fast. Best to keep things simple with one library per person.

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