Forum Question: iWeb archives to wordpress?

I’ve been using iWeb for my blog for several years. I’m thinking I should change to WordPress. Is it possible to transfer all of my iWeb archives to a new wordpress blog?
Martha Russell

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    6/19/11 @ 11:26 am

    Yes, you can do it. iWeb sites have an RSS feed. Locate the rss.xml file that iWeb generates. You can save your iWeb site to a local folder if you want just to get this file. Or, look for it on your iDisk in the place where your iWeb site is located in MobileMe.
    Under Tools, Import in WordPress there should be the ability to import an rss feed as your imported data. Select and upload this rss.xml file to your WordPress site and it should get all of the posts and bring them in.
    Haven’t tried this myself, as I don’t use iWeb, but it should work.

      7/13/11 @ 6:56 am

      I’ve done this, but the rss.xml file only contains the 10 most recent posts. I then went into my blog file and found the archive.xml file and imported that. It worked….sort of. All of my posts were imported in proper order, but with no content. :( Still trying to work out what to do now.

      Any suggestions you might have would be very helpful!

        7/13/11 @ 7:18 am

        The archive.xml seems to be the way to go. Does it seem to contain the bodies of the posts when you view it? If so, then they should import. Are there few enough of them that copying and pasting from the text file (archive.xml) to the posts is an option (less than 100 or 200 or so).
        I’d love to give more suggestions, but I can only make guesses here since I can’t easily try it myself.

          7/25/11 @ 6:54 pm

          It did not work. The body of each post does not come thru. Even from the rss feed. :( I have tried everything, and nothing works. NONE of my posts imported correctly. Looks like I may have to re-create my whole blog from scratch. :(((

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