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I tried to upload a presentation made with keynote that has a mp4 video included and opened it in As I saw, should support videos and sounds but it doesn’t work for me. I know it is a beta and maybe therefore does not officially support it yet, but I am curious if it works for other people or it is just not yet working from apples side.

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    10 years ago

    I haven’t tried this myself. I’d imagine it is pretty hard to get video-inside-a-presentation going on a web-based playback system. Or, it could just be the format of the video. I’d post to the forum that Apple has set up.

    Cheryl Hill
    9 years ago

    Can I post a short (1:50 min.) video on and send a link for my son to view? We both have MacBook Pros. I used iMovie to make the video. How exactly do I post it, if it can be done? Thanks!

      9 years ago

      No, would be for sharing Pages, Numbers and Keynote documents. Use another service for video: Dropbox, YouTube, etc.

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