Forum Question: iWork Numbers: Auto-expanding Cells, & Pop-up Menu Limitations

2 questions. Can anyone help pleasee
I’m using a pop-up menu option (Inspector>Cells>Cell Format>Pop-up Menu) to have preset selectable descriptions for different items. The descriptions are several lines long, like a paragraph, but the Pop-up Menu feature only appears to allow a set amount of charactors (like a twitter post). Anyone know if i can get around this?
Also, Cell height auto-expanding, when I use the above method to auto-fill a cell with a preset description, the cell height does nto automatiCally expand to fit the content. So the cell remains 1 line high despite the content being 3 or 4 lines’ worth. Is there an auto-fit option? At the moment I have to manually resize the row height, which doesnt work when I use the document on the iPad.
Or does anyone have any ideas of a different program I could use that would allow me to edit on the iPad too.
Many Thanks

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    10/19/11 @ 8:55 am

    It sounds like the length of text in pop-up boxes is limited, yes. So it is just something you will have to work around.
    Is there a reason you need the text to be so long? For instance, can you summarize what is supposed to be in those text boxes instead of including all of the text?

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