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Joining pages in Preview no longer works in Snow Leopard

To join two one-page PDFs in Leopard, I copied the thumbnail from one PDF to another and saved the resulting file.

This no longer works in Snow Leopard. I can drag a thumbnail over, but saving the combined file only includes the original page in the “combined” file.

Any ideas?

— Luigi

Comments: One Response to “Joining pages in Preview no longer works in Snow Leopard”

    10 years ago

    It definitely works. Open both documents. Open the sidebar for both documents. Now drag the pages from the sidebar of the second document to the sidebar of the first document.
    Now here is the important part: you must drag the pages ON TOP of the pages in the sidebar of the first document. Putting them AFTER will only add the second document pages to the WINDOW — not the first document. This is because the Snow Leopard Preview application allows you to have more than one document open in the same window. So it thinks you are simply trying to move your documents to a single window, not merge them.
    For instance, if you do it the wrong way, adding the pages after the first document, then the title bar on the window may read: “(2 documents, 2 total pages).” If you do it the right way, it will simply say “page 1 of 2” in the title bar.

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