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Keyboard Shortcut To Access System Preferences (Monterey)?

I need a keyboard shortcut to access System Preferences.

Anyone have a solution?

I have searched and searched, but I have not found that
this is “native” to Mac’s.

But there HAS to be a solution!

I can’t be the “only one” who has needed this!

Many thanks for any and all solutions!

There are times when I am testing this or that and need
to get to System Preferences to make a change or tweak.

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    2 years ago

    Anything that appears in the Menu Bar with a consistent name can be accessed by simply assigning a keyboard shortcut to it. System Preferences... is an item in the Apple Menu. So just assign a keyboard shortcut to that.

    Go to System Preferences, Keyboard, Shortcuts. Then click on App Shortcuts to the left. Click +. Then app a shortcut for "System Preferences..." (don't forget the ...), keep it on "All Applications" and set the shortcut to something not used for anything else, like Command+Option+Shift+P.

    Now you should be able to bring up System Preferences with that shortcut. You should also see it as a shortcut when you look in the Apple Menu.

    2 years ago


    How much I searched & searched & SEARCHED for a solution!

    Other sites said it was either impossible or to use a recording utility
    & create the shortcut. I knew it could not be that hard!

    And the crazy thing is: I KNOW about keyboard shortcuts in
    System Preferences !!

    But I will say that the ellipses (...) immediately following the
    words "System Preferences..." would NEVER have been
    discovered by me.

    Please explain more about the use of ellipses (...) !

    2 years ago

    JD: There's not much to explain about the ellipses. They are a part of the name of the menu item just like any letter. If the name is "System Preferences..." then you have to include it to match the name exactly. One neat thing is that I believe it works whether you use the ellipsis character … (Option+;) or three periods.

    Gus G
    1 year ago

    This still works for Mac OS Ventura but  changed the name to System Settings so it has to be "System Settings…".

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