Forum Question: Keyboard shortcut to activate the toolbar search box


I would like to know if there is a shortcut to focus the toolbar search box. Searched pretty much everywhere and wasn’t able to find an answer.
If there isn’t one, could I set up an Automator action to do just that?

João Mesquita

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    10/18/10 @ 4:41 pm

    Do you mean the Finder search box? Use Command+F. Add Option and you get a search “by file name” without having to select it.

      João Mesquita
      10/18/10 @ 5:09 pm


      Now that I think of it I never used it on Finder. I always use it on Macjournal and doesn’t work. I assumed that didn’t work at all.


    João Mesquita
    10/19/10 @ 3:15 am


    In Macjournal the shortcut key is F4.
    In iTunes is Command + Option + F.

    Thanks once again.

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