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Keynote – How Do I Split Video for Streaming?

I’m a teacher and intend to stream some of my presentations for my students. At Apple events and other tech conferences, in the livestream, the video they show contains two videos – one showing the speaker, the other the presentation. It feels more engaging and I wanted to do the same for my students.
OS X Yosemite, Keynote v. 6.5.2
Shreyas Parekh

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    6 years ago

    There are many ways to do that, but none simple. They are using lots of pro video equipment at those shows.
    You can use software like Wirecast, or the free OBS ( to take the screen from a Mac and the video from a camera and put them together in one feed to a single projector. But there is a learning curve to using software like that. So I wouldn't expect it to be easy. Take the time to get to know the software first. Not sure if it works with old OSes like Yosemite either.

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