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Hi Gary,

I know that a Option + Shift + K gives you a . How do you type the logo for Command, Option, Shift, etc?


— Jason

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    8/11/10 @ 7:10 am

    You mean the keyboard symbols?
    Go to system preferences. Then Keyboard. Then look for “Show Keyboard and Character Viewer in menu bar” under the Keyboard tab.
    Then choose that new menu bar item and “Show Character Viewer.” Now there are a ton of choices, so use the search at the bottom. Look for “Command” or “Option” and you get to those characters. Double-click them to insert them into your current document. But be warned that these are characters in other fonts, so they may not show in emails to people who aren’t on Macs or have a strange font set for some reason.
    Here’s the option and command symbols.
    ⌥ ⌘
    Now keep in mind that there are better ways to do this if you are authoring HTML pages. But it doesn’t seem that is what you are after.

      8/11/10 @ 8:26 am

      That is it!!! Thanks yet again Gary! Your site is ht e1st one I recommend to newbie Mac users!

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