Forum Question: Lag in Applications Caused by Sleep mode

Hi Gary,I watched your episode on leaving a mac in sleep mode overnight and ive been doing that ever since but lately after three days of doing so, ive noticed some of my programs such as safari which ive left open in sleep more, to experience lagging and has forced me to restart my macbook pro each time this has happened since everytime I would open a new tab or go to a different website I would experience this lag. Is this a common problem when doing this or something that the macbook’s cant handle, if neither, what could be the cause?

— Carlos Misa

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    2/18/10 @ 10:34 am

    Have you tried simply quitting Safari and restarting it, rather than restarting your whole Mac? I don’t experience any lagging by using sleep mode. But I do often quit Safari when I’m not using it, just to get it out of the way. I can’t imagine that restarting the Mac is doing anything that simply restarting Safari doesn’t do in your case. But perhaps you have some other things running in the background that are causing the lag?

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