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LCD monitor vs. LCD HDTV

So I’ve had someone give me a 22 inch HD (720p) LCD TV. Is this something that would have the same quality as a 22 inch LCD monitor, or is there some other difference besides the tuner? I’m trying to figure out if this is worth using, or whether I should sell it and buy a straight LCD monitor? It has HDMI/DVI inputs, as well as all the other connections you’d expect in such a device (component, etc).

— Todd Peperkorn

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    11 years ago

    The main difference would be resolution. If the TV is 720p, that means it is 1280×720 pixels. That’s not very much, less than even the most basic MacBook. A 22-inch LCD computer monitor is usually 1680 x 1050 — almost twice the number of pixels when you do the math.
    On the other hand, the TV is a TV — it probably has a tuner and you can hook up cable or a DVD player to it. Video game consoles too.

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