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Level the Volume In an iTunes Playlist?

Some of my playlist songs are louder than others. Is there a way to level the volume of all the songs in the playlist, i.e., select All, then have them essentially all the same volume level?
Dennis Craig

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    3 years ago

    You can’t do it for a playlist, since all a playlist is is a list of songs. It would be the song themselves that would have volume differences. For instance, if a playlist has songs A, B and C in it, and they are all too loud, then making a playlist with A, B, and D in it would also have A and B too loud since they are the same songs.
    But you can do it on a per-song basis. Select the song, in the playlist or elsewhere, Command+i to get info, then go to Options. There is a slider for Volume Adjust.
    Now you can select multiple songs, such as all of the songs in the playlist, and use Command+i, Options, Volume Adjust on all of them at once. But I’d do it on a per-song basis. When you change this for a song, it changes it for the song everywhere, not just in the playlist.
    But here’s something you should do first: Check in iTunes, Preferences, Playback. Do you have Sound Check turned on? This will attempt to play all songs at a similar level. That may solve your problem for you with one click.

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