Forum Question: “Library” folder lost?

While searching for an e-mail attachment & after finding it with a “Finder” search, I realized that the “Library” folder that is supposed to be located in my “Home” folder does not really appear, while the “Path bar” insists that it is there!
What is it really happening? Any ideas?

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    9/3/11 @ 11:52 am

    A new feature of Lion is that the Library folder is hidden. This prevents people from going into it and messing with the files there. A typical Mac user shouldn’t ever need to go into the Library folder.
    But you certainly still have access to it.
    The methods for doing so, in fact, were the quick tip of the week featured in the weekly MacMost Email newsletter not too long ago.

      9/3/11 @ 12:26 pm

      Thanks Gary!

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