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Linking Contacts In iOS7

Hi Gary, I have just found that I can now link contacts, but not sure why I would want to. I linked my friend’s contact with his mothers contact but found that after I had done this, it just created one large contact for his mother, with his details below his mother. I also found that I couldn’t search for his name once his details had been merged with his mothers – is there a useful point to doing this?
Darren Barson

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    6 years ago

    Linking contacts is just a way to merge them. So you merged your friend’s and his mother’s contacts into a single contact.
    This is an important function now that Contacts can handle information from a variety of sources — like iCloud and Facebook. If you were to bring in your Facebook contacts you would most likely end up with two listings for some of your friends, the original contact and the new Facebook one. By using this, you can merge them.

      Darren Barson
      6 years ago

      Thank you Gary, this makes much more sense now.

    Chuck Sekera
    6 years ago

    Hi Gary, I’m trying to make an email group that I would use as an APB (all points bulletin) for emergencies in an office setting where there are 7 people. I noticed that there is a “link” at the bottom of some contacts when I scroll down to the end of a contact in edit mode. What is this for? How do you make group mailings in iOS7 similar to sending to a group in OSX.

    Love your stuff!

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