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Lion and External Modem

So, after upgrading to Lion, the other night I tried to FAX something from my iMac.
When I plug in the Apple external modem, I now receive a error stating :
You cannot use an Apple USB modem with this computer.”
Is this because of Lion, or something else? I was faxing prior to ‘upgrading’

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    10 years ago

    I haven’t heard anything about the old Apple Fax Modem in years. Maybe it isn’t supported by Lion? I’d try calling Apple and asking. Let us know what they say.

    10 years ago

    Well, here it is, right from Apple’s web pabe:

    What Macintosh computers are compatible with the Apple USB modem?

    The Apple USB modem requires Mac OS X v10.4.3 through Mac OS X v10.6.8 running in 32 bit mode. If your Mac has an earlier version of Mac OS X v10.4, upgrade your computer’s operating system using Apple Downloads or Software Update.

    Important: The Apple USB modem is not supported with OS X Lion or later.

    Ahh, phooey!

    10 years ago

    Yes, unfortunately my employer still uses faxes for some of it’s time-card / payroll. So, it is important to find an alternate!

      10 years ago

      Right. Check out that link. It talks about using web services to send faxes. So you don’t need your own hardware (fax machine or USB attachment).

    10 years ago

    Excellent article on faxing/compatibility in Lion:

    I actually bought both from amazon.. I have set up the USRobotics (Zoom still in its’ packaging). It is working…. Simply very handy having the ability to fax certain businesses. My IP service is a DSL line. So, I have paid for a basic line for phone calls and faxing.. Hope this helps.. LOVE THE PODCAST!

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