Forum Question: Lion and parallels or VM ware or Bootcamp

I recently purchased a macbook pro and am running VM ware for my windows 7 virtual machine. I am unable to install latest Lion OS with Vm ware even if it is shut down. What do you suggest. I enjoyed Vm ware because I didn’t need to reboot or shut down between Mac OS and there a solution or do I need to use parallels or bootcamp

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    8/6/11 @ 7:49 am

    Have you tried to contact VMWare support? That would be the first place I would go. Maybe they have an update you need to get for it to work in Lion.
    Contact them and see what they say. Then please report back so others looking here can see the answer.
    Oh, and also, when you say “unable to install the latest Lion OS” can you explain. What do you mean? Is there an error message? What, exactly, is happening?
    I have Parallels, BTW, and didn’t have any issues updating to Lion.

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