Forum Question: Lion And Word: How To Handle Them?

Until I downloaded Lion, I was able to use an older version of Word. I actually had purchased the newest upgrade but had not had the time to install it. After the Lion install, I discovered that Lion does not recognize the older version. And I was not able to use the upgrade – I should have installed it first. So. Should I install it on an older machine and drag it over? Will I find all the little tiny files associated with Word? Should I uninstall Lion and then install Word and the reinstall Lion?
Julia Beatty

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    9/14/11 @ 10:07 am

    I would simply get the latest version of Office for Mac. That works fine in Lion.
    Older versions of Office work too (I tried 2008, I think?) but the installer may be the issue, as you seem to have guessed.
    Unfortunately, I believe that you need to use the installer to get Office properly installed, just dragging and dropping won’t work.
    So my advice is to upgrade to the latest version and install that.

    9/14/11 @ 7:58 pm

    Have heard from people who are afraid to “Lionize” from Snow Leopard because they’ve “heard” that older versions of software won’t work. Perhaps some don’t. I tell you for a fact – “Office 2008-Mac” works fine with Lion when doing a regular upgrade/installation. Once again, I agree with Gary – “pony-up” for current version since something appears to not be working in your setup. If your time is worth $50.00/hr, (or even $10.00/hr), you’ll spend more “researching” and trying to tweak/trick than…’s worth. I don’t run a “sophisticated system,” I found the migration seamless.

    3/2/12 @ 9:30 am

    Dave, many many programs don’t work with lion anything that used to use rosetta to start.

    I would say that my copy of office 14 worked far better on leopard than it does on lion, both word and excel take longer to open files, they hang more frequently and un unresponsive to the point that they have to be manually quitted at least once a day, this rarely happened on leopard.

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