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Lion Mail’s Dock icon show unread only for one account.

Under all previous versions of Mail, the Dock icon would show the total number of unread messages in all my accounts.
Under Lion, the Dock icon is showing the unread count only for my email address (which happens to be the first account in the account list). When other accounts get a new unread message, Mail does play the “new message” alert sound, but it does not represent those messages in the count on the Dock icon.
Is there some setting that I haven’t found? If not, is this the way it ought to work, or is it a glitch?
John M. Hammer

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    10 years ago

    That’s odd. I definitely see the sum total of the two accounts I have set up.

    Lassi Seppälä
    10 years ago

    I have four accounts in my and currently three of them show the unread count properly. The one that is not working is MobileMe. It doesn’t show the count at all.

    10 years ago

    I have the same issue. I have 3 accounts. 2 gmail, one pop. and one gmail has the same problem. hope Lion will have update soon.

    10 years ago

    My dock shows 1 unread email among my 3 accounts no matter how many there actually are. Even shows 1 when there are no unread emails.

    10 years ago

    Same problem here. I have six or seven accounts, Mail’s dock shows only the four “invisible” (nonexistent) count in my MobileMe. account. The four emails don’t exist, yet it doesn’t count the dozens of other emails in my inbox. Sigh. I’ve tried everything I know to try–installing accounts, uninstalling accounts, checking online, synchronizing, exporting mail, you name it.

    10 years ago

    I have two MobileMe accounts (.Mac actually… remember that dinosaur?), and the dock only shows unread mail for one of them. Their inboxes are separate in the Mail program, and there is a little icon for one of them but not the other.

    I deleted both accounts and had difficulty getting the software to complete that action. I ended up force quitting. When I went back in, it had re-added the one that I had deleted first. I deleted it again and it seemed that both were gone. Quit. Went back in. That account showed up again! It was the one where the icons had been working (showing the number of unread messages. So I left it there are added the other account under preferences->accounts.

    Still not working. It has no number next to Inbox to indicate that there are new messages. But when I click on that inbox, there usually are new messages. So I have to click on that inbox regularly. The system is pushing email to it, but it’s not telling me that the messages are there.

    In a separate but probably related note, Mail will send email from the first account but not the second. So from the one that tells me it has new messages, not from the one that doesn’t.

    Both of these accounts have no problems showing new messages and sending email from their respective iPhones, the iPad, and a laptop running Snow Leopard. This is definitely a Lion issue.

    10 years ago

    Under Preferences -> General, you can choose whether to show unread for inbox or all mailboxes. Might that be a fix?

    9 years ago

    PV, this will fix the count on the badge on the dock icon for Mail but the count in Mail itself will still be wrong. This will also add unread counts of subfolders like Junk but at least I can glance at the dock and know the correct unread count.

    So for now this is a partial fix, anyone find a fix for the underlining problem?

    9 years ago

    If your unread message count for a specific folder is inaccurate, try a mailbox rebuild from the mailbox menu.

    TIP: Using PV’s suggestion above, you can customize which boxes your dock icon counts in its total. Simply create a Smart Mailbox that points to all the inboxes you want to count. The ideal Smart Mailbox rule to use is “message is in mailbox.”

    The Smart Mailbox will then appear as an option in the “Dock Unread Count” drop-down menu.


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