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Gary can i buy the Liuon Upgrade for my iMac and also use it for my Macbook pro Will I have to pay another 29$ for it ?
cyrus Dubash

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    6/28/11 @ 12:26 pm

    When you buy something in the Mac App Store, Lion included, you can download and install it on all of your Macs as long as those Macs are using the same Mac App Store account.
    So you will only have to pay for it once as long as both the Macs use the same Mac App Store account.

    Joseph L
    1/8/12 @ 5:52 am

    Morning Gary,
    I have a MBP w/ Snow Leapard and recently purchased an iMac w/ Lion installed. I would like to upgrade the MBP to Lion. Is there a way to make an install disc to do the upgrade, do I have to pay for the upgrade, or can I take it to an apple store and have it installed there?

      1/8/12 @ 9:58 am

      I’m pretty sure that since you bought a Mac with Lion, that you now own Lion and can install it on your other Macs. So you don’t have to pay again. Easy to find out by just going to the Mac App Store on your Snow Leopard Mac, then searching for Lion. If the Lion page says “Install” on the button, rather than a price, then you know you can install it for free. Of course you should be logged into the same Apple ID account.
      There is no advantage to making an install disc as you still have to download Lion. You are just adding more work for yourself. So just do the normal install from the Mac App Store.

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