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liquid/display problem

some very little water fell on my mac book since then i see flickers on the desktop and then the screen goes blank….pls help me…

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    10 years ago

    Either there is still water in your MacBook, or the water is gone but the damage is permanent.
    If you think there is still water in it, then there’s not much you can do by wait for it to dry. I wouldn’t use it until then.
    You may want to try to open it up, or take it to a shop to have them open it up, to speed up drying.
    Otherwise, there’s not much you can do but take it to a repair shop and have them assess the damage.

      10 years ago

      oh my god the repair shop says the display is gone and is asking for exorbitant amount ie 550$…. is that sum ok how much does a display cost

        10 years ago

        I don’t know if that is an exorbitant amount. Figure $100 or $200 for the screen (don’t know which one you have). And then the rest for the work. They’ve got to make a living, you know?
        You could always shop around for other places. There are even some where you can send away your MacBook and have it sent back.
        Any way you do it, make sure you backup all of your data first (maybe a TM backup plus a clone too).
        Another option is that if it is a very old MacBook (2+ years) it might be worth investing the $550 into a new one with faster speed, larger drive, better battery, etc.

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