Forum Question: Locked out of mac after firmware update

Gary – I was preseneted with a firmware update for the macbook air tonight. the update details said there would be a restart and may take time, so i removed my master password and ran the update. now i can’t get into my mac (saying my password is invalid) but since i have a bootcamp partition, i was able to boot into windows and reach out to you. the mac login said i could reset me password with my mac id, but i was unable to find anything at mobile me to help me out. any help would be appreciated – thanks.
Mike K

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    9/23/11 @ 8:40 pm

    Just curious — why did you remove the master password?
    Did you try entering a blank password?
    As for reseting with your Mac ID, you’d need to have set that up beforehand in your System Preferences.

      9/23/11 @ 8:58 pm

      i just did it – won’t happen again. any way to access my mac partition if i have forgotten/messed up the password ?

        9/23/11 @ 9:00 pm

        yes, i did try to enter a blank password, or so i thought – maybe is messed up during that process – i don’t know – just a little anxious about the fix….

          9/23/11 @ 9:18 pm

          This is a tough one. There should not be any way to do it. If you can’t get the password, the security measures should mean you can’t get back in. Do you have a Time Machine backup? That would be the way. Otherwise, I’m not sure you can do anything.

            Mike K
            9/23/11 @ 10:20 pm

            Hi Gary
            This time I’m responding from my “Mac” side – coincidentally, just tonight I watched episode 603 which talked about Time Machine backups, and while I was watching, I was content that I was already protected. I followed your advice, and used command-r on the boot, and executed the restore flawlessly. Thanks a lot! I am constantly in awe of the simple fact that in the Mac World, everything “just works”. In the PC world, I know from experience, this would have been a much more complicated, and much less user-friendly process. Thanks again.

    9/24/11 @ 9:10 pm

    As a 25+ year PCWin (and C:\>) person who converted to MAC last year — Ditto. PCs are a pain. MAC is relatively seamless. Way to go Gary on the Time Machine episode. (and way to go apple on Time Machine)

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