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Locking a seperate audio track to your video in imovie

is there a way to lock audio to the video track that i brought in so when i edit the video i also edit the new synced audio as well?
bill tatar

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    10 years ago

    Audio tracks do this automatically. At least in iMovie 11.
    They have to be the purple tracks under a video. You’ll see a little spike up from the purple audio clip to the video clip. Move the video clip and the audio clip moves along with it.
    But perhaps you mean editing as in splicing and such. So when you cut a section from a video clip the audio cuts in the same place? You can split a clip with the video selected and then immediately select the audio clip and split that too, in the exact same place. But if you move the cursor too much you will reposition the playback head between the cuts, so be careful.
    Or, maybe you meant something else?

      Bill Tatar
      10 years ago

      I think you answered the question – i figured like in photoshop you can merge the layers so when you edit – you dont mess up the sync.
      im trying a work around by sending it to quicktime then importing it back in again to do the rest of the work.

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