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Login Items Preferences won’t stick

I am running Snow Leopard and I am trying to set my programs that I want to run at my login. I have tried over and over to add and remove programs from the startup, but it always reverts back and will not save, I have even deleted the programs and they still appear in the option to keep opening at login. I have tried to push the unlock to make changes and tried from the apps themselves and from the system prefs menu.

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    10 years ago

    Not sure. Could be a Lion bug.
    I generally don’t have anything in Login Items. Of course, I rarely every restart or logout, and if I do it is no big deal to just run the applications as I need them.

    10 years ago

    Try deleting the in ~/library/preferences

    10 years ago

    I tried to delete that file but
    It didn’t help, any more ideas, do u know if I swith to lion if the pref will follow

      10 years ago

      Maybe a visit to the Apple Store Genius Bar so someone can look at it first-hand.

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