Forum Question: Loss Of Mail Drafts & Other Quirkiness

For some reason Mail is acting VERY strange and buggy for me. It shows 1 item in my mail email mailbox when there are no messages there. And no matter how many messages I DO have in that box, it always shows just 1 message badge.
Additionally, my old drafts are completely gone but I can find them if I go to user/Library/Mail/mailbox/Drafts folder.
I think these are bugs and I was wondering if anyone else has a similar issue.
Would you recommend I reinstall Mail? If so, how do I do that?

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    10/14/11 @ 6:55 pm

    You left out the critical piece of information: Your email server. Is it iCloud? Gmail? Yahoo? Corporate? Something else?
    If it is an IMAP-style server, like Gmail or a corporate email account, then consider simply removing the account and adding it back again. This will re-sync it with the server and should clear up problems. But of course if it is old-fashioned POP email and you have lots of messages stored locally, then this will not be a good idea.
    Re-installing Mail won’t help. That is just the client application. it won’t change your “data” which is what is having a problem right now.

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